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warped tour 05 was the greatest thing ever created. the end. [02 Aug 2005|02:54am]
[ mood | excited ]

woaaaahhhh!!! today was fucking amazing!!! i had the best time of my life. warped tour was absolutely amazing to the max times 9978543. i went with jessica sarah and brittany. we got there and stuffed our bras with cameras and they didnt even check our purses! so i could have just had my cameras in there. hm so we get there and look at the big blow up thing with all the bands listed on it. there were a lot of awesome bands at the Bishop stage so we practially stayed there all day. first on that stage was senses fail<3 woo i love them. we were all in the back so no one was moving which was boring. after that hawthorne heights came on! front row for them!! woo! after them we left to get some water. saosin was on and i just saw them july fifth, so i didnt care if i missed them. we got water and then walked back up the hill and sat down and watched saosin. they did good. better than at the vfw. after they were done i got up front for fall out boy with brittany. they started playing and everyone went fucking crazy. i wanted up closer so i asked this guy to lift me up. yes. i went fucking crowd surfing. it was so fun!!! i landed on my feet thank goodness. so then im like moving all over the place. falling on the ground and my shirt was like coming off so i like flashed everone. people were so fucking close to me that i couldnt breathe, i was so dizzy, and everything on my body was sore to the max and then i just passed out. i wasnt going anywhere though cause people were so close so i just like stood there for a few seconds until i got out of it. i tried to get out like i walked over to the side so a security gaurd could pull me over the gate. and someone did but i couldnt walk at all, i felt like i was drunk when i walked. so im like i just passed out. can i have some water? and they were like ahh ill go get you some. then i went by the fan and listened to fall out boy. yes, right by the speakers, genious. then after they were done they asked me if i wanted to lay down for a little bit and i said yes. so they like freakin strap me on a golf cart i had to lay down on it and there was this super cute kid there. haha i was so embarrassed. then this paramedic took my blood pressure and my heart rate. you know how your heart rate is eighty per minute? ha.. well not mine. mine was onefourtyseven!!! HAHAHAHA. so the guy was like :O oh my gosh! then he runs and gets another paramedic and they come back and hes like "LOOK HOW HIGH THAT IS." and im like oh my gosh im like going to die. then im like why is that bad?! and hes like well yeah kind of. and im like oh no. but hes like well just stay here until you cool off. so im like ok. they brought me like twentyfive flipping cups of water. so that was nice. then they made me leave after like five minutes cause this guy came in carrying a girl and theyre like you're gonna have to get off. and im like ok then i went and sat down on a chair in the other room. then the guy comes in and says if i want to leave i can, and ill be alright. so i leave and i had to fucking walk up that huge ass hill again. and i walked around for a half n hour but i couldnt find jessica or anyone. and i tried calling amanda but she wouldnt answer. haha but i left a voicemail. while i was walking around i saw chubby!! she pointed at me and was like :O. haha i missed her! she gave me a hug. and we talked for a little. i was just going to stay there because i thought emery was on, but nope. scary kids scaring kids. so i watched them for a little then told chubs i better find my friends. so i went over by mest thinking jessica was over there. i didnt see any of them. haha so i stood in the back because the starting line was next! i got up front for them yay! this crowd wasnt as rough thank goodness. i mean it was, but not as bad as the other ones. i got lots of pictures of kenny on my digital. well while TSL was setting up this kid said something to me so we started talking and i asked him like what bands he saw and stuff. and then im like ok this is random but you know who you look like? and hes like try me. and im like tyson ritter from the all american rejects. and hes like "haha nick wheeler is my cousin." and im like :O oh my gosh! thats so awesome! which is like fucking ironic because nick wheeler is the guitar player of the all american rejects! woah fucking sweet! so my chemical romance came on and he tried getting me up closer. aww. then he put his arm around me. he was like i know i dont know you but im gonna put my arm around you anyways. so im like thinking pshh fine with me! haha. then my chemical romance came out everyone was pushing to get up front. what the fuck, honestly pushing wont get up in the front row. it only makes other people uncomfortable. so like their second song i was on the fucking floor because people kept pushing me and my foot was twisted and i have people stepping on my foot. it was terrible. so then i fell on the fucking ground. people were trying to grab my hand but i just couldnt pull myself up and no one would move and i couldnt breathe all that time i was down there. it was the scariest fucking thing ive ever had to expierence ever. so then people are pushing and they one guy was like help that chick up! so theres like a little tiny space for me to stand up and that was so it. i couldnt take all that fucking pushing anymore. so i got out. some security guy pulled me over the gate. it was so hard because there was no room for anyone to lift me but i got out. and i lost my friend! haha. so i went over to the end of the gate so i could get my purse but the guy wouldnt fucking get it for me. fuckass. then jon comes over and i told him that that guy wont let us get our stuff. and i dont know what were gonna do. he said we have to wait until mcr is over which was so gay. then we like fought people to let us go through the crowd then finally we got our stuff then we headed up and im like i think we need a picture together so i can tell all my friends i met nicks cousin. haha. then hes like or you can just tell them you met tyson ritter. haha and im like yep! that too. so we got a picture and i got his screen name. then i told him i had to go meet my friends and ill talk to him later. FUCK YES. see how awesome my fucking day was? Pictures - coming soon to leigh ann's livejournal near you. woah its three and i only got four hours of sleep last night and i have to wake up early tomorrow. ew. goodnight!!

break a name

[16 Jun 2005|01:33am]
[ mood | silly ]

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friends only! :o [07 Apr 2005|07:43pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

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